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me blowing out the candles at my 20th bday fits this post and the last too well

This blog is 3 years old today woohoo! If I could feed the blog a bit of cake I would… it’s looking a bit malnourished.

Cute little fate story:

I just finished reading The Sellout by Paul Beatty today, just before my stop on the bus. It was a very satisfactory feeling at the time. I knew I had to begin writing another book review cause I said I would write something a few days ago and consistency is what I really need right now. So I logged onto WP on my desktop for the first time in almost a year, my avoidance was partly fueled by how absolutely cringey I’d find my galactic Tumblr background and old title “personal, logical”. Then I was informed it was my blogs b-day! How very cute. Very everything-happens-for-a-reason.

I was planning to write the book review today but cleaning up my blog, changing my theme and making certain posts private took longer than I thought. I feel like the blog is now ready, the bed is laid and I’m gonna schleeep good.

Stay tuned for my review of The Sellout, it should be with you in the coming days. I’m about to begin reading Freya by Anthony Quinn, let me know if you’ve read these titles and what you think!

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My last post was “19”. Simply because I had turned 19 and I felt it was really symbolic at the time. I felt it was important to inform my readers of this turning point, I finished saying that exciting things were to come. Funny though, as I’ve done nothing for this blog since then, other than tell people I have a blog which is not very active. 

It’s a real shame that I haven’t managed to be consistent with this blog. But I’m going to leave it up here and try to feed it as much as I can. 

I’m 20 now, if you haven’t gathered already by the title and introduction, this post will be about my new age. I think everyone enjoys a good coming of age story, it makes you think about milestones and achievements. It would be silly to say that I have achieved nothing since my last post, or since turning 20. I have achieved lots of minor things in the past few months, like securing a decent summer job, avoiding financial rock bottom and gone on a nice holiday. But I feel like I’ve made the least amount of progress where it matters most; my physical and mental health. Since starting my second academic year I have felt both decline rapidly and sharply; imagine a boulder being dropped from a tall building, falling onto a lovely marble walkway, shattering and cracking the beautiful material. As poetic and cringe as it sounds, I feel that I am the boulder, the beautiful marble ground and the walkway. I don’t know which c**t threw the boulder, but it was probably me too (see the problem?). 

For the time being, I would like to dedicate this blog to repairing the dropped, shattered and most important pathways and connections of myself. 

Shout out to those who have read this far, decided to remain a follower, or have just joined me on this. I’m not asking you to care, but I would like any readers to engage; like, comment, share. I have always struggled with putting my needs before the needs of others, but if I have learned anything since turning 20 is that despite how lonely “adulthood” may feel, we really are all in this together. So, let’s do this together. 
Jess x

Also please excuse the tags, I just want to get as many of you guys on board! And it’s been a while, I haven’t even checked to see how many followers I’ve lost. Nevertheless, I’d love for as many as possible to simply stumble across this, I love the feeling of finding a new blog. 

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Hello everyone,

I haven’t posted in over a year so if you are still following me shout outs to you.

Thank you very much for that. And your willingness to carry on this journey (trust me I didn’t want to use that word as much as you didn’t want to see it either), but it does mean a lot to me that you like how I do things, really.

I started this blog when I was 17. I am now 19 and in my second year of university studying a bachelors in Classical Literature & Civilisation joint honours with philosophy.

So there are exciting things to come.


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Institutional racism in the UK

Note: I’m not very educated on the topic, so I won’t say much. I’d rather leave this as a thread for others to comment with their opinions and knowledge.

In the UK, thankfully, guns are illegal. If they weren’t I know I wouldn’t want to be here and my reasons for staying would be purely practical e.g. education, proximity to family.

Racism in the police force is present in all countries. It’s present in the UK. I have spoken to peers who have said, at the age of around only 16, they feel they have been stopped and searched unfairly on the basis of race.

My black male peers said this has happened to them more than their white and asain peers, even when blatantly being together in a mixed group, they feel they have been chosen. Furthermore my asain peers feel this has happened to them more than their white peers.

So that makes me wonder (seeing as institutional racism in the police force in this country is real – and no I’m not just basing it off these accounts, It’s more obvious), how would our country be in guns where legal, and the police had the right to shoot in the same way American officers do?

Please feel free to comment what you think, like and share.


The Voice of Knowledge – Don Miguel Ruiz (book review)

*Hello. I am aware that I haven’t posted in months. Thinking I could balance college and a blog was a big lie to myself. But recently I was asked to write a review for some one else’s blog. So I wrote this. He didn’t like it, he turned out not to like me too much either. Anyways his loss, one day he’ll wish I wrote for his blog. Besides, I’ve loved this book since my 17th birthday and I’ve always wanted to write about this masterpiece.

As well as a review it’s also a breakdown of a couple things which will hopefully help. I Hope I don’t give too much away; but you can’t simplify this work with the hopes it’ll have the same impact or motivation. Here we go x*

Miguel is a nagual, a master in the Toltec. Fundamentally an American Indian people from Mexico, dating before the Aztecs but they don’t like to be confused as a race, but consider themselves as a society (not a religion) of people conserving and sharing spiritual knowledge, promoting Truth. The Voice of Knowledge is part story, part manual. But none of this is noticed or important, because of its beautiful construction.

What the book tells you, and successfully installs in you is your integrity. So carefully without making you feel immoral, you learn very simply, very quickly how dishonest you have been with yourself, although it’s not your fault. From the moment we are taught words we are filled with tainted knowledge, which we hang onto of course because knowledge is power and it feels good. The tainted knowledge manifests in us as the little voice in your head, it judges you, and it judges everything. It allows you to be upset by others judgments and doing so you water the seed. Miguel explain this so informally and which such understanding of how our thoughts flow, he’s written a master piece to restore our integrity accommodating the structure previously programmed whilst smoothing it out.

He is the main character, but so are you. By doing this he becomes your favourite character (which isn’t hard, he’s a nice guy) but you also become your favourite character. There’s no sense of horror many books of this kind put in you, the feeling your life has been some sort of lie and you’ve let yourself down daily every year you’ve been alive. Your perspective isn’t flipped on its head, you still believe in most of the same things you did yesterday, just with a polished perception. It feels good to know that what is now important to you is, because you are following your instincts.

Once finished you have a new sense of self-respect and freedom. You stop making assumptions, gossiping isn’t entertaining, judging doesn’t feel empowering. It’s a strange feeling to go back to that childlike honestly and elation, you laugh at what you find funny, smile at what makes you feel happy, and turn away from what doesn’t please you or what’s trying to change you. You learn how life is your story and you are writing it, if someone is trying to change it they don’t respect you, your art, basically the story you a trying to create a reality for yourself – among many other lessons.

Miguel includes his life before Toltec, talks with nagual grandfather, out of body and near death experiences, promising you that your emotions are real. The story is relatable atypically, you wont say “this same thing happened to me before”, it relates with the themes in your life, which is far more useful and that’s how it makes you identify.

Highly recommended to all people, despite its Christian themes and occasional refs, anywhere it says god can simply be translated to “universe” or whatever works for you (although the meditations and 2 short prayers at the end are gold). The personal writing style makes you feel chosen. Difficult to put down because all the new knowledge is a new power, and it feels good.

Thanks so much for reading. Like, reblog, share.

Next review will be The Great Cat by Hiraide Takashi I think, but don’t hold me to it x